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Qreyon is a Central Florida internet marketing firm founded on the premise of providing quality service to our clients. We give our clients custom marketing plans that are built around their way of business. We know that not every client is the same and that every business is different. So why would we use the same marketing plan for each. Well the answer is simple. WE DON'T. We want to get to know your business and research the what works best for each individual client. This all starts with a great consultation and listening to our clients. The idea of qreyon started a few years back at a kitchen table with some friends. The idea was to  create a marketing and SEO firm based on doing things the right way. Many of our colleges had issues with fly by night SEO companies that were grabbing a buck and runnning without even doing any work or doing just such bad work that it came back to bite them. We never farm out link building. In fact over the last 2 years we have had to undo more bad SEO than ever. Many of the quick SEO guys just used link farms and it really hurt the companies later down the road. Qreyon will not do this. We want to meet your expectations and go beyond while doing things the right way.

Chris Niles

As Marketing Director, I design marketing plans, analyze statistics and demographics, and create marketing strategies while assisting with creative concepts for our clients. I have a degree in business and am currently working towards a degree in Internet Marketing. I have been developing websites and conducting internet marketing campaigns in Central Florida for over 7 years. 

As the initial and primary contact with the client my goal is to establish an exemplary relationship, leading to a successful fusion of both the clients needs with aesthetically pleasing, solution-driven design.

I have strict attention to detail with a keen sense of staying within a client's budget and providing deliverables within the project scope.